Monday, March 21, 2011

The Famous Bob Decker "Field and Stream" Buck

It was late August of 2008 and the middle of football camp for us at UW-Stout when several friends of mine talking and emailing me about the "Field and Stream" buck video that spread across the country via email.  Living only a half hour away and having hunted Buffalo County my friends wanted to know what I had heard about this buck and the video.  They had viewed the video on the Field and Stream website and wanted to know if this was a hoax.

Bob Decker's Field and Stream Buck
During football camp I am completely oblivious to what was taking place outside of UW-Stout Football.  But, I couldn't help myself either, so I went and checked out the video of this great buck and couldn't believe what I saw.  Could this be a new state record buck?

Here is the famous Field and Stream video shot by Scott Kirkpatrick of Buffalo County Outfitters.

 Throughout the fall the word continued to spread and this buck became an internet sensation. Bob Decker, of Eau Claire, was excited to hunt his lease in Buffalo County long before reports of this buck began to circulate, but his excitement increased when he heard reports that the Field and Stream video had been shot close to his lease.

Decker never would have thought his dreams would come true on a November 1 morning when he came face to face with this trophy buck.  A well placed shot landed Bob Decker is the record books with a new Wisconsin Non-Typical buck with a score of 233 2/8.

His new state record wouldn't last long.  In the fall of 2009, Wayne Schumacher of Fond du Lac, shot a new state record buck.  Decker may not have the bragging rights of having the record, but the buck he harvested is one of the most well know bucks to have ever lived.  Congratulations to Bob Decker.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brian Inda's Buck - New Wisconsin Typical Archery Record

For those of you that think that off season shed hunting doesn't pay off in finding a trophy buck to hunt you should talk to Brian Inda of Wautoma. 

Inda's brother, Chris, had received permission to shed hunt the property where he found a pair of massive sheds.  Sheds that scored 192 inches.  They had just identified the backyard of a buck that, if harvested, could become the new typical state archery record.  The problem was that they did not have permission to hunt the property.

As fate would have it, Inda and his friend, Craig Carpenter, would later find themselves on a construction project adjacent to the 120 christmas tree farm that the shed were found on.  It was through this turn of fate that Inda and Carpenter would learn that they property was available to hunt through a lease.  They waisted no time and  quickly signed a three year lease to hunt the property.

The two men set several stands and camera on the property to try and pattern this big boy. They had several pictures of the buck from their trail cameras confirming the big buck was still around.  They hunted the property sparingly throughout the fall making sure to play the wind right, but they had only glimpsed the buck one time before a grunt call brought the buck to within fifteen yards of Inda on that November 2, 2010 day.  A well placed shot from Inda sealed the fate of this record buck.  They found the massive buck only seventy yards away from Inda's treestand.

The 12-point, Waushara County buck was scored by a group certified Pope and Young scorers.  The 7.5 year old buck had an official net score of 187 5/8 inches making it a new state record surpassing the previous record of 187 2/8 inches by Barry Rose's 2006 buck shot in Dunn County.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Video of Wayne Schumachers Wisconsin State Record

Did some searching and found some videos of Wayne Schumacher and his trophy buck.  Schumacher's buck is the standing state record for the non-typical category.

Here are some links to Schumacher's buck.  Field and Stream story:

North American Whitetail story:



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Like I mentioned before, I started a facebook page for people to post pictures and stories of big bucks that they have shot.  Go to the following link the click the LIKE button at the top of the page.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Seth Williams Youth Hunt Trophy "Cabelas Buck"

Most twelve year old boys aren't as lucky as Grant County's Seth Williams.  Williams bagged what would be one of the most popular big buck stories to come out of Wisconsin in 2009.  I remember getting emailed the photos of Williams proudly showing off his trophy in the back of a pick up truck in front of Cabelas.

Williams was taking advantage of the State's two day youth hunt when he was hunting out of a blind with his father Mark during that Sunday, October 11th evening hunt when this brute showed himself.  Mark was the first to spot the trophy buck just 40 yards away from their ground blind, but Seth wasn't able to see the buck down in a depression.  The commotion of Seth's dad trying to get him to spot the buck spooked the giant and sent him running across the open field.

Seth Williams 2009 Trophy
By the time young Williams was able to get the scope on the buck and take a shot the deer was an estimated 200 yards away and still running.  After playing the waiting game Mark headed to the woods where he was able to find some blood.  Seth joined him shortly after and they set out to track this majestic beast.  They noticed a deer laying dead in a different direction than where the blood trail was leading.  The dead deer was laying just 50 yards from a side road so they thought it was just a road kill.

They decided they should check this deer just to be safe and lucky for them they did.  As they approached the dead deer was laying with it's head down in a ditch so they assumed it was in fact a road kill.  It wasn't until Mark raised the deer's head that the Williams realized just how big of a buck they had shot.

Rumors spread across the internet about Williams buck and the reported offers from Cabelas to buy the deer.  According to Williams none of these reports were ever true.  The buck scored around 202 inches, but I haven't been able to confirm the exact score.  Let me know what you hear.  What a way to start a hunting career!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wayne Schumacher's New State Record Non-Typical Buck

Wayne Schumacher - State Record Non-Typical
Wayne Schumacher of Fond du Lac created a buzz that sent shock waves across the state of Wisconsin's hunting community with the reports of giant buck that he shot.  The 52 year old Schumacher shot the giant buck west of  the city of Fond du Lac during the evening hours of September 20th during the 2009 hunting season.

The buck would later be declared a new state record non-typical after being scored by two state certified scores.  The buck scored an unbelievable 243 3/4 inches.  Welcome to the record books Mr. Wayne Schumacher.